Zwanzig Ellen

Zwanzig Ellen: 2005
A laser light installation in 2005.
Twenty Ells at the Weyerbuschturm, Kaiserhohe, Elberfeld, Wuppertal, DE
April 16 17 23 24 30 May 1 2005

The Tower has a powerful and potent hold on the imagination.
The Weyerbuschturm is an uninhabited tower functioning both as
lookout and folly and full of resonances of many kinds.Referring
to myth obliquely, a work is created which mixes old and
new and creates a sense of place and atmosphere.​Through a
lower window beam of light appears which is reflected upwards.
The beam ascends towards the top of the building
to be finally reflected out of a higher window, ricocheting through
the space - passing without pausing. The ascent of the stairs
accompanies the beam in its progress upwards and creates
a sense of travelling at the speed of light. Sounds recorded
from the surrounding woodland filter down the tower, filling
the space as if they have travelled along the beam of light.
The interior is somehow changed, inside becomes outside in
some other dimension.
Zwanzig Ellen: 2005
Zwanzig Ellen: 2005
Zwanzig Ellen: 2005
Zwanzig Ellen: 2005